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Clear Green Co is passionate about sustainability, and our theory is that the more eco products that are available to the public the more likely people are to live a more ‘green’ existence. One of the barriers for people to choose more sustainable products is that they’re hard to find or not available in their local area – we want to help change this.

Our part in encouraging sustainability is to assist Eco Product Suppliers by promoting their products to Retailers, and to help retailers to stock amazing their eco products. Products that reduce waste, are biodegradable and/or compostable, or that are plastic free are are who we like to work with. Additionally we loath animal testing and aim to support cruelty free products.

Even more so we especially want to support small businesses, as we know how hard you work (we’re one too!) and believe you’re an integral part of our economy. You also form a big part of the community, and these are values we love and want to support. Running a business has many challenges, and we’d love to offer our services to support you should we be what you’re looking for.


Wholesale Products

Clear Green Co has a range of products available to retailers at wholesale. Register to apply for an account - we'd love you to join our network and stock the amazing brands we work with.

Product Distribution

If you create or offer eco products and would like a flexible, Australia wide distribution service get in touch! We have a large existing network of retailers who stock sustainable, natural and eco products - and who are always looking for new products.

"We now have 7 distributors around the world. Don't tell them but
you are one of our favourites!"
jodi breau
founder dental lace inc.

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