Avirida – Skin Care for the Earth

Avirida – Skin Care for the Earth

Avirida is pure natural and sustainability in a skin care product. The unique range includes 4 amazing skin care products, made with certified organic ingredients, and contained in stunning timber jars hand crafted in the Bellingen region of New South Wales, Australia. The creators, Bec and Jack, are locals from the same area who grew up in a rural town, and have always had a great love for the natural world. They founded Avirida after being frustrated with the amount of plastic packaging found with most skin care products. Furthermore after doing research they discovered that tin and glass, although a more sustainable option to plastic, still required a huge amount of energy and resources to create them. Which led them to explore the idea of timber jars.

Not only have they created this beautiful skin care products, and have been able to hand craft timber jars as they’d hoped – they take it a step further in that the timber they use is from a pest species. Therefore they continue to have a positive impact with helping to reduce the pest species in the area. For every tree they take for the timber jars they then plant a new tree, of a native species. This brand is the definition of sustainable! 

The range includes an Eye Balm, Lip Balm, Body Butter and Face Mask, with recipes created by the Avirida themselves. The products leave skin feeling moisturised, soft and rejuvenated – and have subtle natural fragrances from the certified ingredients that are just beautiful.  The jars can be re-used or are completely compostable at the end of their life span.

The timber jars add an exquisite uniqueness, making them a stand out product, that also make for chic and hand crafted gifts. 

Clear Green Co. is excited to help promote this amazing range because Avirida stands for all we believe in in a product. They rate 5 Stars easily in our books!  If you’re a retailer looking to stock this range contact the team here at info@cleargreenco.com.au or send a note in our Contact Page

Altneratively speak with the team at Avirida via their website.

Avirida in action

Hear all about Avirida from the Creators here.

Or visit their YouTube page to see more about their range.

or visit their youtube page to see more about their products

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